Thanks to the Valais-based company Mobyfly, Switzerland is already guaranteed to be represented at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. One of its state-of-the-art boats will sail on the Seine.

The organization of the next Summer Olympics is in full swing. In addition to the construction and adaptation of existing sports arenas or the reception of delegations, the organizers of Paris 2024 are working on other issues, including that of mobility, in a regularly congested city.

The organizing committee must ensure the transportation of athletes, staff members, officials and guests (particularly sponsors) under acceptable conditions. In order to achieve this, the organizers want to use the Seine as a means of transport, so as not to suffer (too many) problems of viability in intramural Paris and in part of Île-de-France.

A company that builds boats with futuristic concepts, whose headquarters are in Collonges (VS), Mobyfly has signed an agreement with a French transport operator interested in using one of the concessions to travel to different Olympic sites.

A beautiful showcase

The idea is to connect the Pont de Neuilly to the Stade Yves du Manoir, via Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis (not far from the Olympic stadium) in 25 minutes against respectively 40 minutes by car or 1 h 50 by public transport,” details Sue Putallaz, co-founder of Mobyfly

By raising the foil (see box), you can reach 40 km/h outside the ring road, while in this sector, the speed is limited to 12 km/h. For us, this partnership is a great showcase to promote other projects, our technology and it reflects the sporting and competitive spirit of our team.”

The first boat will be tested on the Seine in September 2022 and will be able to accommodate twelve passengers. It will benefit from a range of 180 km and 100 km for the foil. “The batteries can be recharged quickly and will allow the operator to operate the line throughout the day“, summarizes Anders Bringdal, another co-founder of the Valais company and former five-time world windsurfing champion.

The order is finalized, for a number of boats between one and five. When the Games are over, these boats will be used for commuting, for events and should be the mainstay of restaurants located on the banks of the river”.