Hy Generation develop an innovative electrics thrusters for boats.

The RIM6 is a 6kW (= 8 Hp) electric thruster for boats, focused on HIGH THRUST and HIGH EFFICIENCY.

The electric propellers offered by competition are essentially inspired by thermal engines and outboard propeller, without considering the impact of energy source change. It is obvious to all marine stakeholder today that the challenge of electric energy storage deserves that we take really good care of overall efficiency of the boat.

We therefore exploded all the basic functionalities of a conventional propeller and re-built them around electric challenges, in order to maximize thrust (more than +30% pull, reaching 110kg in real life conditions, equivalent to more than 20Hp outboard), autonomy(+30%), and other user benefits.

Our solution features many innovations and benefits for our users :

  • The marine nozzle provides more thrust (>40 % of the thrust of the RIM6!), and provides a valued safety apparatus against injuriessince the blade system is not directly exposed. 
  • The high-diameter motor is mounted into the nozzle, saving room onboard and providing with high torque without no gearing making the RIM6 a rugged and simple thruster.
  • RIM6 is the lightest of its power range (14kg), even amongst electric solutions, making the handling easy and maneuverability at its maximum with its high orientation capabilities (360°).
  • The hub-less and stanchion-less features give clean water input increasing propelling efficiency (a stanchion supporting a propeller directly upstream the blades creates loads of turbulences). It also helps debris to go through the blade system without entanglements around a fixed part such as a shaft.
  • Last, the RIM6 is waterproof by design and does not rely on dynamic sealing, often being a single point of failure on pods. Instead, all electric parts are rigorously encapsulated in a specific material, making them insensitive to seawater.
Hy-Generation’s electric propeller Available NOW!

We soon identified that the electric propulsion market is mature for displacement boats (rental, personal crafts, inland and marine areas).This is linked to the electric energy storage challenges : whatever the power source, boat consumption is increasing to the square of the speed achieved (a bit more actually).

This is why we dedicated the RIM6 to THRUST : we focused all the power on a range where it is usable by most users !

Lastly, the RIM6 pack we offer includes all what is necessary to fit with any kind of boats and transom: an innovative universal lifting system parallel to the transom, a battery solution scalable to match required autonomy, chargers, etc.

We intend to repeat soon the technical success of the RIM6 with 2 bigger models of 14 and 30kw.With the innovations, we believe that Hy-Generation can trace the wake of another way for electric propulsion.

You can see more here or can you contact with monsieur Guénaël ROUX  – Hy-Generation Team’s, Sales & Marketing Director