Mission / Purpose

of Electric Boat Association of Greece

Electric power has been proven to be globally more environmentally friendly than any other form of power generation. Boats require less power to move a mass from A to B than other forms of transport. There are many good reasons for this, i.e. low friction, low speed and no hills. Combining these features, electrically propelled boats on inland waterways are the most efficient form of transport available, both globally and at the point of use where there is no noise, no pollution and no fuss.

The Electric Boat Association of Greece (EBA Greece) was founded in Greece in 2016 to promote the development of Electric Boating and to serve the needs of all who have an interest in electric boating, manufacturers , boat owners or business members.

The EBA promotes electric boating throughout the Greece and is the voice for electric boat manufacturers or owner's interests at discussions with the inland waterway authorities and government departments involved with legislation for inland waterways issues such as waterway access, charging points, slipway facilities, reduced licence fees and the Boat Safety Scheme etc.

The Electric Boat Association of GREECE - EBA Greece, is a no profit organization and has the purpose of the wide distribution of all nature electrically driven or hybrid boats & ships as transportation drives, useful for the reduction of pollution of environment and the rational management of energy sources of planet.

In his sector of activity they are included,indicatively and no restrictively:

  • All the electrically driven or hybrid ships and boats, ascompleted mechanical manufactures but also all their sub systems, mechanical, electric,electronic etc.
  • All the networks of support of above-mentioned means of transport in order that these are propagated more widely and are rendered helpful in their holders, as e.g. electric networks of distribution of energy for electrically driven boats and public stations of charge of their accumulators (conventional or evolved technology), networks of distribution of special fuels for electric elements of fuel (Fuel Cells), networks of organised centres of maintainance of / replacement of electric accumulators, networks of stations of renting of electrically driven boats & ships for sea and lakes etc.
  • The research that is carried out worldwide for the achievement of mass production functionnal electrically driven ships which are offered in the consumer in being in competitive price and they ensure low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • The world wide legislative development of benefit of motives or lifting of disincentives for the use of electrically driven ships, or still, the legislative activity that will aim to compel the constructors of ships to extend their production including in this and electrically driven or hybrid ships null or almost null pollution.

For the achievement of this purpose the Association of Electric Boats is able:

  • To encourages, coordinates and to supports researches or imports of technologies relative with the above reported fields of his interesting.
  • To support all the above, but first of all the efforts of Greek companies, that are related with the above reported fields of interesting.
  • To organizes meetings, congresses, lectures, events of projection the electrically driven or hybrid ships, reports, races or deals of such boats etc.
  • To take responsible measurements of their records and to publicise their results.
  • To act as technical adviser of Services, Organizations of Local Self-Government and each other Institution which, sensitised for the need of reduction of pollution of environment, demonstrates interest for the possibility of utilisation electrically driven or hybrid boats & ships, but also each citizen that needs technical advices and Information of this type of boats & ships.
  • To issue all nature informative forms and / or it provides information, articles etc in flyers.
  • To takes part in international collective organisations that promote the electrically driven or hybrid ships but also in international congresses, reports etc that concerns the same mission.
  • To uses every otherlegal and socially acceptable ways that will be judged expedient and efficient so that it achieves his sought aim.
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