Damen Shipyards has signed a 12-year contract with multinational public transport company Arriva Danmark for five electric ferries. Known as Damen Ferry 2306 E3, Arriva will operate the vessels for its client, Danish public transport agency MOVIA, in the country’s capital city Copenhagen.

A feasibility study undertaken during the tender process saw Damen consider several different solutions, including biodiesel, hybrid and full electric propulsion options. However, the latter was eventually deemed the most cost-efficient solution over the full period of the contract.

The new vessels will fit into MOVIA’s existing framework – including use of current timetables and infrastructure, as well as capacity to carry at least 60 passengers per journey up to 16 hours a day. To fulfil this, each Damen Ferry 2306 E3 ferry has a capacity for 80 passengers, tailored so that the vessels can dock – bow first – at the existing jetties. At the jetties at each end of the route, Damen will install fast charging points. Charging, which will take place with each voyage, will take seven minutes.

Torben Hansen, director, Arriva Danmark, said, “This new vessel order is perfectly aligned with our role at the forefront of the switch from diesel to electric power. Damen has proven to be the right partner for this project. Their experience with fully electric vessels has positioned them well to support and advise us in our mission to provide the city of Copenhagen with clean, safe, reliable and cost effective transportation.”