Dear all,
We are pleased to share your interest for clean propulsions on boats. We are delighted to have EBA Greek association as a new Member and partner of our association, and we will do everything possible to help develop this practice in your wonderful country with so much great boating activities.

We created the French electric boating association in 1994 to develop this practice and its know-how. We are passionate about all solutions preventing pollution in the air or in water.

Electrical and Hybrid boating is possible and demonstrated in many kinds of boats inland or at sea. Our members have created leisure boats as well as passenger’s professional boats. We have all kinds of usage from renting a small family electric boat by the hour on a lake to practicing Karting or jet ski or providing tourism enjoyable experience on water for a group of up to 200 passengers.

These solutions keep developing, but they have been in use from nearly twenty years and are safe, they are clean with no rejects in water or in the air as well as quiet and comfortable.

We wish you a long and valuable journey in this electric boating field.

Xavier de Montgros
President of AFBE

22 Avenue Jean Aicard
75011 PARIS

22 Avenue Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris –
SIRET 402 338 032 00012 – TVA FR404233803200012