[Stockholm, Sweden]: Green City Ferries launches BELUGA 24, a new type of passenger ferry for zero emission public transport on waterways. The BELUGA 24 will revolutionize waterborne public transport through energy efficiency, sustainability, and speed.

“With BELUGA 24 we are demonstrating a high-speed emission-free alternative to diesel ferries that also costs less to operate. Therefore, this solution is highly attractive to transport administrations, shipping companies and most importantly for people!”, says Fredrik Thornell, newly appointed CEO of Green City Ferries.

Green be City Ferries has partnered with two world-leading design companies, Teknicraft (New Zealand) and Sculli Design studios (Italy), to develop this unique passenger ferry. Green City Ferries has full exclusivity to build and sell this type of ship in carbon fibre globally.

BELUGA24 is based on proven air-foil technology. A midship placed foil lifts the ship halfway out of the water at high speed and thereby reducing the water resistance significantly. This means less energy consumption and less wake wash.

“We expect a consumption of 30 kWh per nautical mile at 30 knots, which is almost half of what a conventional catamaran consumes,” says Fredrik Thornell.

The power supply comes from Japanese LTO batteries and/or Canadian fuel cells. High performance, short charging times and long life have been guidelines in supplier selection. The comfort of the up to 150 passengers is important for the commuter to an attractive alternative to taking the car. There is also room for 30 bicycles as these are often an integral part of the journey. Sweden has decades of experience of building ships in carbon fibre and the ships will initially be built in Sweden. BELUGA24 is expected to enter traffic in 2023.

BELUGA 24 is introduced at a time when the need and demand for zero emission mobility solution is increasing sharply. “Interest in sustainable waterborne transport and demand for emission-free vessels is increasing exponentially. Analysts claim that the global market for emission-free vessels is expected to increase from USD 5.2 billion in 2019 to USD 15.6 billion by 2030, and passenger ferries are a large part of this.” says Magnus Sörenson, Marketing and Sales Manager at Green City Ferries.

Green City Ferries is a system integrator that provides vessels with emission-free drivelines, infrastructure for battery and hydrogen and long-term financing.

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Fredrik Thornell : CEO : +46.73.508.85.56, fredrik@greencityferries.com