Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards 2019 recognizes Corvus Energy, supplier of battery energy storage systems, for its contribution to the adoption of electric and hybrid technology

Bergen, Norway and Vancouver, Canada – June 27 2019 – Corvus Energy is very pleased to announce that the company has been named Supplier of the Year at the prestigious Electric & Marine Awards 2019 in recognition of the company’s contribution to the adoption of electric and hybrid technology in the maritime industry.

“The fact that Corvus Energy has won this award every year since 2014 is a testament to its continued growth and unwavering ambition to innovate. In the last 12 months the company has increased its battery production capacity eight-fold, strengthened its product portfolio by acquiring Grenland Energy and signed a number of major contracts, including the world’s largest battery package for a hybrid powered vessel. Add to that the recent release of its Blue Whale energy storage system for cruise ships, ro-pax and ro-ro vessels, and Corvus Energy has become an even bigger force to be reckoned within this industry.” – John Thornton, editor, Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International 

The awards presentation was held June 27 at the annual Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018 in Amsterdam. The award was presented to Sean Puchalski, Executive Vice President at Corvus Energy on behalf of the company.

“We are deeply honored and grateful to receive this prestigious award once again. It means a lot for our teams in engineering, operations, sales, service and customer support to be recognized for the all the hard work that has been done,” says Puchalski. “We also need to thank our partners. We could not have done this without the contribution and support from our integrators, our customers, maritime organizations and research organizations.”

“We are witnessing a major shift in the industry,” Puchalski continues. “We are extremely lucky to be part of this transition to cleaner and more energy efficient shipping.”

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems (ESS) for maritime applications, Corvus offers the innovative Orca ESS solutions portfolio and has unsurpassed experience from 200+ projects, totaling over 200MWh and more than two million operating hours.