The issues that concern the sector of Electric & Hybrid Boat’s and Ship’s have today been submitted to the Minister of Energy & Environment, Mr. George Stathakis, from EBA Greece through her President Mr. Andreas Apostolopoulos.

In particular, it was highlighted the need to address the problem that exists with the action required on the islands to enable the presence of Electric Ferries in the country and the need for the necessary legislative framework for chargers in ports , a point not predicted anywhere in the National Energy and Environment Plan.

The Minister has also accepted, in the absence of legal issues and resources, that consideration must be given to the possibility of subsidizing professionals in order to enable them to move towards at “green” electric propulsion.

From the EBA Greece’s side it was pointed to the Minister of Energy and the Environment and it has been alerted to the need to address the problems that exist in shipyards and shipbuilding areas. We have analyzed in depth the cases in which, if the state decides to emphasize the Electric & Hybrid Propulsion, it can offer fast pace to the above professions.

The need for a joint inter-ministerial working group of the Ministries of Shipping, Energy and Development was adopted to co-ordinate the effort required to overcome all these problems until the introduction of Electric & Hybrid Propulsion in our country.

To the Minister of Energy, were delivered written the positions of EBA Greece , detailing the problems faced by the country regarding the emissions of pollutants and which were examined in detail. The Minister of Energy and the Environment, Mr Stathakis, has pledged to work together to address the required progress in the field of marine pollution from fossil fuels.