ILIOFOS Co. is a Greek company specialized in the retrofitting of boats & vehicles with internal combustion engines at Electric or Hybrid, at sales of parts but also in after sale services. 

ILIOFOS O.E was founded in 2007 having already an enormous experience at specific projects, which starts from bigger electronics,
electrical's but also and mechanical's projects that had been constructed at Greece.
Our experience from one side seated us as pioneers in specific technological divisions where with difficulty somebody approaches, and on the other side gave us the possibility to make possible and reality for our customers any work that they want to complete, in order to make their enterprise a star and valorized her in the worldwide community.

Our first mission, is to provide into our customers, superior technologically products, such as electric motors, hybrid systems, batteries, electronic administrators of energy, electronic converters of electric power, specialized software, inverters and chargers, so that we ensure them the technological virtue that they need in order to make them and be starring in the worldwide market.Also we want to contribute in the effort of our client to deliver in the next generations a cleaner environment for life on our planet.

We improve the faculty, the efficiency and the energy plenitude of our products so that we can offer at the citizens the possibility of cheaper energy and better quality of life.

Our country, a country with big advantages in natural wealth and energy, should be pioneer.

With this as a rule, and in collaboration with bigger, more reliable and pioneered companies abroad, we will try, to offer in our customers from any category and if they emanate (private individuals, professional, public enterprises), those advantages that they need, so that they develop the advantages of clean natural energy in the area of transports so that they could be exempt from the internal combustion engines (ICE), having as a result from their business everyday routine improvement, their economic self-sufficiency but also the protection of our environment.

64, Irakleous str,
PC: 13121, Attica
Mobile phone : +306932843110

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