Foldable solar catamaran

Catamarans offer an enormous amount of space in relation to their hull length. However, since harbor space for catamarans is hardly available, at least on inland waters, larger catamarans are only used in coastal areas. The present concept solves this problem by using a mechanism that can handle large forces on a catamaran.
Folding is done by motor, that is, at the touch of a button.

Telescopic solar roof

The solar cells can be in any intermediate position between extended and retracted. This adjustment is motor driven. This allows the entire “living area” between the floats to be shaded if desired.

Deck between the floats

The area of about 32m^2 can be used in many ways. The galley, which is on top of one of the floats, can be equipped with induction stove, surface grill plate, infinite cold & hot water, dishwasher, etc. Drinking water can be produced by means of a high-pressure filtration system. (Electricity is always available)
At the stern of the one float, a lowerable bathing platform is planned. The deck consists of 10 cross beams, each with 3 backlash-free, lockable joints.

Folded catamaran

When the floats are moved together, the solar roof rotates 90°
Even when folded, the cat still has about 2.5 kW of solar-electric power available. So, all electrical appliances can also be operated in port. (the beer or champagne are always cold when you get on the ship)
The batteries are therefore always full, even if you want to drive a little faster.
Controlled in the folded state in the back, in the open state can be controlled anywhere with the remote control.
Also in the harbor (cat folded) you can sit four at the table.

Cabins, showers, WC, “storm salon”, storage room

In both floats are provided one cabin each with its own toilet and shower. These are very spacious.
Double berth 1.4×2.1m
Anteroom with cupboards and WC 1.4×1.4m
Shower with sliding glass door 1.4×0.75m
The room height below deck is at least 1.95m

In one of the floats is planned a “storm salon”, which can be used in really bad weather.
There is a huge storage space in the other float that can be used for the bridge deck furniture.


– Folding the catamaran by controlled electric motors.
– In one float is a “storm salon”, in the other is a generous storage space for deck furniture, bathing or diving utensils, folding bicycles, etc.
– 2 double cabins with their own bathroom / toilet (1.4x1m) and shower (1.4×0.8m)
– Bed size 160×210 cm – Ceiling height below deck 1.90m
– Outdoor kitchen with every comfort you from home
– All devices are electric: (110 or 230V everywhere on the ship)
Fridge & freezer (220 liters, like at home), induction stove, oven, espresso machine, water heater, high-pressure water filter for fresh and / or salt water, diving compressor, chargers for e-bikes etc.
– Always enough cold and warm water
– In addition, or instead to the anchor, the ship can be hold in position with the two electric POD drives. This noiselessly.
– Patent is pending.

Technical specifications:
  • Length 10.6 m
  • Folded width 3.4 m
  • Width open 7.25 m
  • Displacement approx. 6 to Motorization 2×20 kW
  • Battery 20-40 kWh
  • Maximum solar power 12 kWp
  • Minimum solar power in the port 3 kWp (telescopic cells retracted)
  • Speed Solar 4-5 kt Speed max. 8-9 kt

Contact: Jörg Furrer – 6048 Horw – Switzerland mobile +41 79 342 02 04