At our shipyard in Figueres, our showroom in Barcelona, and in everything we do, Magonis is building the future of electric navigation. Now, we’re excited to share that we developed the first charging buoy in the world, compatible with all electric boat brands- the MAGBuoy.

Developed in-house by our I+D department in Figueres, the MAGBuoy is patented, working, and charged its first electric boat in the beautiful and protected waters of Cadaqués, Spain!

Cadaqués and beyond

Until recently, electric boat navigation in Cadaqués, one of the most beautiful coastal towns of the Mediterranean, was almost impossible. Located in the middle of a bay and without infrastructure for electric boats, Magonis strategically chose Cadaqués’ Roses Port for our MAGBuoy sea trials, which successfully took place this past May.

Environmentally friendly and capable of charging any electric boat, the MAGBuoy prototype brings new possibilities to boaters, especially in protected areas that lack charging stations, such as Cadaqués’ Cap De Creus natural park. 

With the MAGBuoy, Magonis is accelerating the change to respectful navigation and removing a restraint for boaters, missing infrastructure stopping them from going electric. Starting in July, the first MAGBuoy will float in Roses Port and be available for any boat to use. 

Inside the MAGBuoy

At our shipyard in Figueres, our team of engineers developed the MAGBuoy. Powerful in design, using complex electronics with a built-in battery, the MAGBuoy receives energy from an underwater cable that connects the buoy to a city’s electrical grid. With the easy-to-install and user-friendly MAGBuoy, charging has never been this accessible to so many. To begin, simply pull your boat close to the buoy, take the buoy’s charging cable, and plug it into your electric boat.

Magonis has a social, economic, and environmental conscience that is highly integrated throughout our team and the technologies we create. We will continue to drive 100% electric sailing, and as said by Miquel Antonio, Technical Director of Magonis, “In addition to our efficient, luxury, and pure electric boats, Magonis is on a mission to create global solutions for electrification, reaching into new technologies.” 

Ready, Set, Go!

The MAGBuoy is our latest contribution to electrification and offers new infrastructure for boat enthusiasts. 

As said by François Jozic, CEO of Magonis, “Making electric boats, and developing technology like the MAGBuoy that charges electric boats, means that more people who want to switch from the petrol to electric have the infrastructure and confidence to do so. Enjoying wildlife and having the perfect boat day is always possible, especially when a MAGBuoy charger is nearby!” With green technology like the MAGBuoy -you, future generations, and our planet- all win with additional infrastructure that supports electric boats.