Green City Ferries announced today the award of contracts for key suppliers to provide the emission-free propulsion system for Beluga24 – the world’s first high-speed emission-free catamaran passenger ferry.

The Beluga24 comes with two emission-free options – battery electric for short journeys and hydrogen fuel cell for long ones – and it has been designed as a multi-purpose solution for public transportation with space for 147 passengers and 28 bicycles. Built in light-weight carbon fibre and with a foil-assisted hull, the vessels reduce energy demand by 50 % compared to conventional high-speed catamarans and produce a smooth ride with very little wake.

The biggest challenge with emission-free vessels is the weight of the components that provide the electric power. This is the case in both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric systems. For the Beluga24, BAE Systems will provide the powertrain and the waterjets will be provided by HamiltonJet. The energy system will be supplied by Echandia.

The World’s first emission-free high-speed catamaran. Image Credit: Green City Ferries

The key to build an emission-free passenger ferry is to combine light-weight hull technologies, energy efficient design and a propulsion system that is both highly effective and light weight. We have carefully selected the providers for our propulsion system to ensure reliability and efficiency of the system. By collaborating with BAE Systems for the power train, HamiltonJet for the jets and vessel controls and Echandia for the battery and fuel cell systems, we have a combination of highly innovative and technical solutions that will enable the Beluga24 to travel emission-free at high-speeds.”, said Fredrik Thornell, CEO of Green City Ferries.

BAE Systems is proud to deliver our state-of-the-art lightweight powertrain to the Beluga24. Using a modular design, our next-generation power electronics allow for scalable, customized solutions that fit the specific power requirements of each vessel, reducing space and simplifying installation. With our expertise in power management and efficient electric propulsion, we’re looking forward to teaming with Green City Ferries on the world’s first high-speed emission-free passenger ferry,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems.

The HamiltonJet waterjet is one of the most advanced and innovative marine propulsion systems in use today and is at the forefront of waterjet propulsion technology. We are delighted to provide our waterjets and AVX controls to the Beluga24 and contribute to this innovative solution.”, said Ben Reed, Managing Director, HamiltonJet.

Echandia’s solutions really fits well for these demanding operational profiles with high- power needs and uninterrupted service over long periods of time. We are honored to be trusted as a part of Green City Ferries’ breakthroughs in maritime transportation. Their project, which not only reduces emissions from Stockholm’s waterborne local transportation but also pioneers emission-free high-speed catamarans that potentially can be used in cities all over the world.”, said Magnus Eriksson, CEO Echandia